The first of a few posts for the day!

I am officially an enrolled College Student!!
I start November 22nd.
I'll be in school for 22 months.
I was able to get a third of my tuition covered by scholarships so far.
I scored in the top 5 % on the placement test too!
I'll be getting my Associates degree in Applied Sciences.
And then I'll be qualified to take the State Test for my Veterinary Technician's licence.
So good news!

Now for the bad news......
I graduated my High School freshman year in one school.
Did half of my Sophomore year in another.
Then graduated out from an online school.
I was able to get my transcripts for the first two schools.
But the school that counts, the one that I actually  graduated from, apparently my mother never completely paid for.
So when I called today they are now telling me they can't release my records, and that some of them may not even be valid because they weren't paid for.
OH....and the balance on the account is so high, and now that they have found me...
Guess who is being charged?!?!
Le Sigh.
You guessed right.

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