I have recieved a few awards recently!!
Thanks to Aimee and Kim!

1. Answer this question: If you had the chance to go back and change one thing in your life, would you and what would it be?
I can say that there are just too many things to choose from,
But when I really start thinking about it, I see all that I would have lost, even the hard lessons I learned.
So I probly wouldn't go back and change anything.

2. The second thing you have to do is, pick 4 people and give them this award. You then have to inform the people that they have gotten this award.

PhotobucketThe Crazy Baby Momma

3. The third and final thing is, thank the person who gave you the award.

We're supposed to tell 7 things about ourselves, and then pass on the awards to the blogs of your choice...
7 Things:
  1. I have Hazel Eyes.
  2. I change my hair color with the seasons.
  3. I once had baby lambs that lived in my bedroom.
  4. I'm a singer.
  5. I'm very flexible.
  6. I love peppermint candy.
  7. MissC has been my nickname since I was born.

For the "Beautiful Blogger" Award:

Jennifer Juniper

For the "I Heart Your Blog" Award:

The BiPolar Diva

For the "Very Versitle Blogger" Award:

Names Will Not Be Changed To Protect The Innocent

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