Monday, August 23, 2010

A Screw you Nikki.

My baby started Kindergarten today.

Seth's mom came down and we all drove him to school!
I was fine. Didn't cry, didn't freak out too bad. He was nervous.
But I was happy for him to make new friends.
I was fine coming home and realizing I forgot to eat breakfast cause I didn't make any for Caden.
I was fine when we didn't have our routine this morning.
I was fine until I sat down and read Nikki's blog.
Back story.....
Nikki has SEVERE OCD.
So I was prepared to be best friend and help her get through the first few days of her son starting school.
I was so ready for how she would be, that now that it was my turn I thought I was good.
I was so not ready.
I read that and then it hits me that I am not there with my baby.
What if he gets scared, or lost and he doesn't know what to do?
What if his teacher is mean to me?
Why the frick am I turning into one of these emotional mothers now!?!?
11 am can't come fast enough.


Shairbearg said...

I am not going to read Nikki's post...b/c I am already one of those mother's and my son is starting school soon, and I don't like it one bit! I don't think I would be good at homeschooling but want to just so I don't have to send him to school!

Sir Thomas said...


ok I get it and know its hard but life starts here... hopefully all you ever have to do is add water and watch grow...

good luck

Southern Sage said...

What if his teacher is mean to me?


Kick em in the crotch! If they are mean to you then I'll come out there and karate chop em in the pituitary gland!

pretty baby tho!

He'll be fine.

Word ver is, I shit you not, "naling"

who is gettin nailed?

JoJo said...

you're baby is adorable!

If the teacher is mean to you put the bitch in her place!

Nikki said...

You know the title made me swallow my tongue woman! ;)

I don't like that you had a moment or two inside my head so to speak. It's not fun, or pretty. But at least you know I can relate, mwuah's Honey Cheeks.

Amy J - Book Addict said...

I feel for you!
My 5 year old daughter started last Monday and she still cries every morning. As soon as I walk out I can hear her screaming "Wheres my mommy?"
Maybe together we can cry and then go shop! LOL