Life As I See It

I was told recently that for a blog called "Life As I See It" I don't write much about my life anymore.
What's new with me? Well today is one week and one day since I quite drinking coffee and I miss it like heroine. I want shove that brown goo into an IV and nurse it all day. But it was making my ulcer's worse so I had to cut it out. I replaced it with....CABBAGE JUICE!
No? Doesn't sound good? Hmmmm...Well it's not that great. Sorry cabbage! Eve dressed up with celery and cucumber you don't taste that great in juice form. But it's supposed to kill the bacteria that causes ulcers so I drink a glass or two a day.
Really that's all that's new. Enjoy some pics of me playin around with my new webcam and don't forget to program me into your GPS so you can find your way back tomorrow! This new MeMe will rock your socks off!

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