I should be on Cosmo Magazine. (Slight Nudity)

Cosmo has had this feature for a long time called FUN FEARLESS FEMALE.
It always features some hot actress that has been primped, plucked, blow dried, squeezed into couture and then air brushed to look a size 0 since a size 2 is just freakin GINORMOUS!
Don't get me wrong...I loved Cosmo. But I discovered that all you need is one years worth of it. Then you will know which bathing suit to wear for your shape, all of the sex tips in the world, What shade of lip gloss to wear in winter, how to find your G-spot, and how to give yourself an emergency mani pedi on vacay! Buy one year and your set for ten. Promise.
Back to the matter at hand.
How fearless do you have to be to get a primped pic of you thrown onto a magazine cover?

Jennifer Love Hewitt is a beautiful chick.
And I bet her boobs look that great naturally.
But fearless?

Katherine Heigl.
Another stunning woman.
But then again.... couture and air brushing does wonders...
But it doesn't make you fearless.

Now these woman are my idols:

Glamour's real woman, real beauty.
These are all plus sized models.
I see tummy rolls, flat butts, saggy boobs, tan lines...
And probly a stretch mark or two.
But these woman are fearless.
Fearless and gorgeous.

Which all brings me back to my original point... I should be on Cosmo.
Think about it....Are you more likely to buy it with This month's "Fearless" Airbrushed actress on it?
Or with a woman who is not afraid to be on the cover, No makeup, and no airbrushing.
Oh who am I kidding?
Ya'll buy it for the sex manual!

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