Cameron Diaz, Tom Cruise and Top Gear

Most of you probly haven't heard of the show TOP GEAR. (Not Top Gun...I do know what I am talking about so shut up!)
It's a car show that plays on BBC. It's absolutely hilarious though! Anywho...They got Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise to stop by and be interviewed and do one of their segments called
Now, I'm not a huge Tom Cruize fan...He is kinda sexy though....but he has said some stuff that I find personally offensive. To the point that I don't pay much attention to him. BUT...He showed up on one of my fave shows so I watched...And he got their reasonably priced car on 2 wheels!!!
Not only that...Cameron Diaz ended up with the track record!!! Until Tommy boy beat her!
Check out the video. It's pretty cool. And if you get BBC check out Top Gear.

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