Bloo Blah and Blech.

Caden: Mommy did you see my gameboy last night?
Me: I surely did not.
Caden: Maybe a spy took it!!
 Me: Ya I highly doubt that punkin.
Caden: Maybe a Secret Agent took it!
Me: Maybe you just forgot where you put it.
Caden: Aw it's under the couch. How boring.
Me: The rest of your cold medicine is mine kiddo!!!

Caden has a cold and stayed home from school today. Yay for me. Um no....
My blow dryer kicked the bucket this weekend. It went out in a spray of shiny lights and tried to take me with it. AKA...It short circuited and tried to electrocute me. No love lost there!
Now I am trying to find a new one. AKA....Trying to convince my husband that I NEED the Chi one to match my Pink Chi Flat Iron. Duh.

I had my test assessment at the college I want to attend tonight....And I aced it!!! Which I was not expecting. I about ask the lady to re run my answers to be sure...but I'll let them figure out their mistakes on their own! So....Once I finish with the financial stuff, I will officially be starting COLLEGE! didn't feel real until now!
I'll be getting my Associates Degree in Applied Sciences. And I will be a licensed Veterinary Technician. So prepare for  my blog to be filled with horror stories!!!

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