Hate of the day Part 2

Not all of you will know exactly what I am talking about.
But yesterday one of my favorite bloggess's to read was viciously attacked in a Blog Review, and then attacked again by readers on the comments section. WHY?
It doesn't make any sense to me!
If you don't like what some one's blog says then CLICK OFF! Simple.
Don't sit there and read it and then make fun of that person.
I won't mention WHO this irritating little insect of a blogger is, cause they got enough attention yesterday. But they are obviously some stupid little peon who wanted some good ratings and decided to go after one of the more popular bloggers. And they got their attention fix!
They average 5-10 comments a post....Their attack yesterday got them over 100 comments.
It is just bad business to attack other bloggers. Gaining blog popularity is a good chunk word of mouth. Why tarnish your reputation by being the jerk who attacks others?
I am SO against this that if I see one of my fave blogs attacking another blogger without cause I will Click the Un follow button. And then I will sick the attack kitty on you.

Don't let those fluffy ears and bright green eyes fool you.
He's a killer!
He'll get ya from behind!

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