First Week of School Over.

Well Caden survived his first week of Kindergarten. He seems to really like it. His teacher really likes him a lot, but she thinks he needs to be moved to 1st grade. (My son is continuing my legacy of skipping grades!) She told me today that he has an issue with letting the rest of the kids answer questions though.
She'll ask a question but prefaces it with "Now Caden, this is thinking time. We need to let everyone think before you say the answer."
Then she has to tell him to put his hand over his mouth cause he says the answer just comes out and he can't stop it.
So he puts his hand over his mouth....and says the answer anyways. lol The good thing is that she says he is always right!

On Monday when I went to go and get him all of the kids had little pieces of paper saying that they had a great first day and they had little Hershey's Kisses attached to them. On little girl, chocolate smeared on her face like war paint, shoves the paper in her mom's face, and the mom proceeded to screech "Oh I bet she gave it to only you cause you're the best kid in her class."  RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE OTHER KIDS! And of course this is the mother who parks in the handicap zone cause she doesn't have time to wait her own turn! So I got my You're a horrible person look on my face, ready to give her the death stare the second she looked up, but before I could make my move this angelic voice with an ornery edge spoke up and said "No she didn't. She gave us all one. And your girl wouldn't be quiet while the teacher was talking all day."
OMG THAT WAS MY VOICE! Coming from my child's body! I should have felt bad....But no. My baby is just callin it as he sees it. Of course I went into judo mommy form cause I knew that lady wasn't gonna let that go, but I am quick on the draw too! I bent down and hugged my little pain in the arse and told him "It's not nice to tattle. Not every kid can be as well behaved as you."
Hehe Point for me sucka!
Of course I had to pay for my impudence with his whining the whole walk home. But I still consider it worth it.
Can't wait to see what happens in the weeks to come!!

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