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This was the Wedding we attended on Saturday. lol Let me try to explain this...Seth's dad's little brother married Seth's Mom's little sister. So now Seth and his cousin Tiffany are double cousins. lol And ya'll thought that my Arkansas family was crazy? The wedding was romantic, the bride was gorgeous, the food was FANTABULOUS, the champaigne was PERFECT, and the family was it's usuall Nelson self! Enjoy the photos.
(Sorry CB...No one was dumb enough to give me the Mic! I'll just have to film my own drunk Kareoke for you to make your millions off of.)

Dan and Lauren exchanging Vows.
Dan and Lauren exchanging Rings

Caden outside the reception hall.
Caden loved the strawberries!
Gene Harvie School Builing in Walnut Grove, CA.

We tried to get him to smash cake on her. But no!

The happy couple!!!

Seth's cousin Tiffany, the Groom's daughter. And our friend Eric.

Seth's cousin Cody and myself.
My Father in law and I!
Tiffany and I
Seth and I.

My Mother in law and I!
Seth and his Mommy.
Seth's Grandparents. Or, My Father in Laws Parents.

It was a great wedding and I felt very specail to be invited to share in the day of two family members who mean so much to me.

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