MONDAY MINUTE!!! You know you want to know......

Monday Minute

Jen won the right to come up with the questions for today's Monday Minute. And man are they RANDOM!
Can't wait to read your answers.

1. 1. Can you burp the ABC's and if so prove it because like Ian says if we can't see it, it didn't or doesn't happen.
To my son's dismay.... No. Ok...I used to as a kid, but I have not tried in years and would prefer to say that I can't. What?! I'm a lady dammit.

2. So lets just say you have a 9 hour drive ahead of you would you consider wearing Depends so you didn't have to stop multiple times? Did you know Depends now comes in fun colors? ( I have to know this one)
NO! I have driven accross country more times than I can count. It's why God invented Rest Stops! Plus sometimes I wait until I am about in tears before I'll pee...only cause it helps keep me awake when I am driving that far!

3. Run your tongue down five feet of a new york city street or press your tongue into a strangers nostril?
Is it just me or are these questions too groos to handle? Ok probly New York St. It's hard for germs to live on anything non-organic.(Yes I know....knowing that makes me a huge germ-a-phobe.) Plus I would cheat and pick the 5 ft the street cleaner just went down!! HAHA SUCKERS!

4. If you had an envelope that contained the date you would die would you open it?
I would. I know! But I hate surprises and the thought of not knowing would probly kill me first. AND.... I would throw myself the BIGGEST Goodbye party EVER! And I would give all of my valuable possessions away as gifts to my friends to remember me by. TA DA! See I redeemed myself. lol
Last but not least.....

5. Which one song describes you sex life best?

FAR-MY PONY lol Ok I wish! This song is just HOTTTTTT!

It's more like this:

Brad Paisley- Check you for Ticks

This has been another edition of the monday minute! Didn't you just laugh? lol Come on and post your own! Or even post them in my comments! Happy Monday all!

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