Fawks....But at least it's Friday!

As always Fawk You Friday is hosted by the lovely and boobie-licious Lady J!
It's not a bad word. You can say it!
Like my new button? ME TOO!

So what has gotten you so riled up this week you wanted to spit and flip someone the bird?
Time to share!

1) My neighbors who apparently forget the live in an apt complex and slam their door Over and Over and Over and then go and get high in their backyard when I am sleeping so that I wake up with a contact high. AND...They never offer to share.
2) My Vulgar and sexy BFF CB who is on her way to Cali....But is visiting SoCal.
Which us NorCal peeps tend to not claim.
 Fawk you for not coming to the better half of Cali and seeing me.
3 Fawk Seth (And not in the good way.) For going to bed SO stinkin early
when I have insomnia!
That's mine this week! Can't wait to hear yours. And don't forget to link up!

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