*Achoo* My what a dusty and unused blog!!

Miss me? Of course you did. You're all amazing followers and I love ya.

Thanks to my Aunt and Uncle and Seth, Caden and I were able to make it to my Grandparent's in Arkansas. And we were able to attend the surprise party for Grandpa. Caden and I were gone for about a week and a half and then my family flew us home.
I have not been blogging because I had so much to write about and yes I was not sure what to write.
So much happened on my trip. Most good. But some sad.
However I have decided not to write about it at all. I only want to think of the good times. Because I discovered on this trip, just how much my family loves me. Just how much I need them. And so I am choosing to remember the good times from my trip and forget the rest. Because really.... I am very lucky to have them, and I would hope that they would choose to remember only the good about me. All of my family put themselves out to help make sure I could be there for my Grandparents. And to enjoy that special time of all of us together.

I am ready now to come back to my blog full time! I have done some editing to the blog layout. I have seen someone with my layout so I'll be lookin for a new one if anyone can recommend a good premade site! Nikki and I have some new MeMe's and link ups to share with everyone coming very soon! Please don't forget to check me out on FaceBook, Twitter, and Networked Blogs.

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