Boobies Fawk you! And a Friday Funny!

Boobies is off gettin her groove thang beautified so in her honor I will host Fawk You Friday!

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Ever had a moment where you just wanted to flip someone the bird, but you were a good girl and held your tongue? Well now you can share it with us!

  1. Two nights ago my neighbors decided to hold a mosh pit in their bedroom. Their bedroom that shares a wall with my bedroom. The wall that my bed is on. Ok in all honesty I almost called the police for spousal abuse...The screaming and being slammed against the wall was that bad. Come to find out those crackheads were all just high. Shoulda called the PoPo anyways!
  2. The same night I had to beg and plead with Seth to pick up a dead bug! (Read that delightful story here) You're the man...pick up the bug. Or no fawk you's for you!
  3. One big Fawk you to Boobies who thinks her sexy butt needs cosmetic surgery! I'm about to offer to sell her some ocean front property in Colorado...... Another Fawk you to One Crazy brunette chick, as previously stated she likes it when I talk dirty to her...and I just can't resist!! And another Fawk you  plus a butt smack and a boobie shake to Nikki. Cause she is one hott momma!

Yes I know a little different from the usual...but I am just in one of those moods! What can I say?
I leave you with this very funny video! Have a luahg on me!

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