Fawk Fawk Fawk! But at least it's friday!

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As always, my fine Friends, this Fawk You Friday is hosted by the lovely and delectible Lady ~J @
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If you are not a Boobie Follower, then you are FingCrazy. But Send some love and prayers Lady ~J's way as she is dealing with a medical crisis.

If you are not doing Fawk you Friday....then what the heezy is wrong with you? You get to say a sorta bad word, vent, get new followers AAAAANNNNDDDD.... You only have to follow the host. Otherwise you Choose which blogs you want to follow. Sounds amazing to me!

Now for my Fawk You's this Week:
1. Fawk you to my upstairs neighbors, who, when I asked them to PLEASE stop putting their dog into a position where he has to pee on his porch and then it rains down to mine, they told their little girl I was a bitch and that she should come and rip my rose bushes out of my front yard. I worked hard to get those suckers to grow dammit and it's not like I asked you to come and pick up all the trash your dog has knocked into my yard!
2. Fawk you to stupid woman who like to cause drama for no reason. You're giving the rest of us a bad name! Yesterday a bunch of woman went off on a FB Group Administrator for using the word "ass" and for saying that having children is expensive. If you don't like foul language go live in a hole! And if you don't like someone stating simple facts then please... Well go Fawk yourself.
3. Fawk PCOS...This dam disease has made my life hell for the last month and as always I am sick of it!
For anyone looking for a good PCOS support group on FB Check out PCOS Awareness
Mild language included!

So my dear and darling lovelies... What are your Fawk You's? Please don't forget to link up!

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