Screams in the Night and Fawk you Friday!

Recently here in the Sacramento area we had a Pedophile scare. The police had seized computers in a house and on one found TONS of child pornography. This sicko was even emailing a mother in Brazil offering to buy her little girl. She woman said in an email "She's not very healthy." The Pedo said back "We are fucking children, we don't care if they are healthy. We will probly kill her when we're done."
Once the police had his computer he went on the run. I spent quite a few sleepless nights checking on Caden every few hours until Yesterday morning when they caught the bastard.
This guy had said on more than one occasion tthat he wanted to rape a child and then kill it. The police were everywhere warning parents that no child was safe.
SO imagine then everything my brain went through When at 4:30 am I am awoken from a dead sleep to my son screaming and sobbing SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE! I was jumping out of bed and trying to get into his room ASAP! He was in bed sobbing because his night night music was off. WTF!? Then I notice that his fish tank which is also his night light is not working. I reach behind me for the bathroom light, nothing. I wake up Seth by trying to turn our bedroom light on, NO LIGHT!!! The only room in the house with electricity was the kitchen. We flipped breakers and nothing worked so I finished calming Caden down and then we went back to sleep. Or tried....I tossed and turned for hours not sleeping. This morning all the power was back on. No rhyme or reason to it.

So my Fawk You Friday:
1. Fawk you Pedophiles for taking away our children's youth and what little sleep us mothers already get!
2. Fawk you Electricity for not working when it really matters...WHEN I'M TRYING TO SLEEP!
3. And Fawk you parents who don't teach your children not to litter in other people's yards. Especially when that yard was painstakingly worked on for hours yesterday.

Thank you for Fawk you Fridays!!!!

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