Alright my lovely readers, buckle your seat belts. Prepare for a tale of woe.
I am in shock. I have had some bad doctor's. And I have had some bad appointments. But nothing like today.
Last night while at a friend's house I got multiple cysts on both ovaries at the same time. I was in so much pain. But I didn't get worried until I realized I was bleeding. A lot. Which is fairly abnormal with PCOS. We went home, I took some meds and plugged in the heating pad and went to sleep, letting Seth know that if I still felt bad in the morning I would be going into the ER.
I woke up this morning in some pain, but it started to get worse. I was not looking forward to spending all day in the ER, so Seth suggested  I call our new do and see if I could  get in today to see him since seeing him would be a more longterm solution.
I called the doc office and they said they wouldn't have time to see me till tomorrow. I told them not to worry about it since I would just go into the ER instead. The receptionist asked me to wait and after 7 minutes on hold she said that she had moved stuff around and they could see me at one. PERFECT!
Seth and I were there at ten till. And then we sat and sat and sat. Till almost 4.
We sat and sat listening toother patients bitch about how bad of a doctor he is. most of the people there today had appointments on Friday. But when they showed up there was a note on the door telling them the office was closed and the doc would not be in. He never even bothered to call these people to let them know he wouldn't be in!!! People took off work, took  a bus, paid for baby sitters, and he left them a note on the door.
He had people standing in this little bitty room for hours waiting on him. His one receptionist was also his one and only aid. No nurses. All I could do was wait and listen to stories of the doc. One woman saw that I had brought my medications with me. She told me that if I had anything left in the bottles to empty them before he saw them or he would take my old pills. lol not wanting her to think I doubted her I poured them out into my purse. What could it hurt? One woman had gone to the ER last week when she couldn't get in to see the doc and hada come in today for a follow up. He refused her treatment! Said that she should have waited on him. And because she didn't he would no longer see her.
Needless to say I was nervous by the time I finally got put into a room. I noticed instantly though that no one weighed me, took my temp, or even my blood pressure. Standard procedures for doctor's offices.
When the doctor walked in he said "OK, why are you here?"
I told him that I had been having more than the usual amount of cysts on my ovaries, and quite a bit of blood, and that I was nervous and in a lot of pain. He looked straight at me and said "What do you want me to do about it.?" (He  said it in a very annoyed voice.) I sorta just looked at him puzzled for a moment, and said "Run some tests, give me some pain pills. If you don't know I could just go to the ER." Oh bad move Miss, that set him off!
He gave me this lecture on how me needlessly bothering the doctor's at the ER was just being selfish on my part. And that if I went without his consent he would no longer see me. (While I understand people needlessly going to the ER I also understand how here in Cal for many people going to the ER is the only way they  can get treated.)
I stayed calm. And told him I mainly just needed some relief from the pain. He told me I was probly just experiencing menstrual cramps and would be fine. (Now I was envisioning punching him.) I explained to him that I had the Mirena IUD in and had nod had a period in almost 3 years. I also told him that for my disease that should be a huge warning sign to him, since the Mirena stops your ovaries and uterus from working. So I shouldn't even be producing cysts let alone bleeding. He asked me, again, what disease. PCOS. "Oh that. Well...That's nt a real disease. That's just a fake name they gave a symptom so that fat woman would have an excuse not to try to lose weight." OMFG!! NO YOU DID NOT!!! 
So after a few deep breaths I told him that I would love to give him the number to the Woman's health doctor, who is a man, who works at  UCD, whom I was seeing before, who agreed with 2 other doctor's diagnosing me of this disease. He just stared at me like I had no clue what I was saying. Then he says "All woman have cysts. You just need to learn how to deal with it." (Dead man walkin!) I asked him to request my most recent ultra sound labs and he could see that I get more than the occasional cyst. He then proceeds to tell me that if I am getting many cysts all the time then I do not have this disease. (Now's when I became a smartass! You would have been proud Nik.) I asked him if that's the case then why does the P in PCOS stand for Poly, which means Many? Many Ovarian Cysts? He just snorted at me. So I told him to give me a referal to a real OBGYN so that I wouldn't take up more of his time. He said he wasn't going to take up her time either, but he would get me an ultrasound. Fine! Whatever!
So then he asked to see my current meds. As I was handing them to him he asked if I had any pills left in the bottles, before I could answer he said that if I did he would take them. Since He was refilling my RX's I wouldn't need the old pills. (Wow super illegal!!! My ins paid for those. That makes them mine, even if they were outdated, which they were barely 6 months old.) I just kept my mouth shut. He started going over each drug. "Why are you taking Metformin? You a diabetic?" Ugh no! But my disease makes me more vulnerable to diabetes. My body stores food instead of using it. The metformin makes my body use it's food. So I have energy and I lose weight. Did he care about any of that? Nope!!! He asked me what my blood sugar levels were. i don't know, I don't test them. Well why nnot if you're on diabetic meds? AH!! At this point I was on the verge of tears and ready to run screaming from the room. Then he asked why I was taking muscle relaxers. I told him I have a disc in my back that slips out. He said the only cure for that i surgery. I said fine, sign me up. He said i was too young. I told him I was tired of living with the pain of it. He said he would prescribe me meds. O yay! I'm too young for surgery to repair a herniated disc but you can keep giving me pills. Isn't that just punch you in the gut, spit in your face fantastic??? It continued on and on till I finally had 9 prescriptions written out, a referral for an ultrasound, and an order for blood work.
As I was leaving I asked him when I could do the bloodwork. He said that it was just across the way and  I could go right now. YAY! Something easy.
Seth and I went across to the other building and checked in. The guy behind the counter looked at his watch and said "You know it's almost 5 yes?" Uh...er...why? He laughs "I'm pretty sure you haven't been fasting the last twelve hours." What? Yeah...my dumbass doctor marked it that I needed to fast before the bloodwork, didn't tell me of course.

Anywho, 2 hours at walmart and 9 prescriptions later I am at home doped up on Vicodin. I have three RX's that I am supposed to take 3 times daily that make me drowsy. How do they expect me to take care of my son?
Ugh anywho tomorrow begins the search for a new doc! Wish me luck.

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