The end of the Pancake Saga!

So I finally broke down and did the unthinkable before I lost my mind over a pancake. I called my mother.
Holy hairy testicles batman! I didn't want to kill myself afterwards.
After being lectured however on making sure Caden has healthy snacks to eat AT ALL TIMES, and then telling me that children should be breastfed until they are 5...yeah I know....She FINALLY told me that one of my little brother's was the same way.
(Have I mentioned I am the oldest of 4?)
She said when he didn't want to eat she gave him chores.
(Not as punishment Nik...No worries!)
So I asked Caden nicely if he wanted to eat his pancake. He said no of course.
So I said ok well then I need you to sweep the floor.
And he did it.
The kitchen and the bathroom got swept and mopped by his little hands.
Then he re-organized his dresser, and cleaned his room.
He still was not hungry by nap time at 2 so I sent him to bed. Without blanky or Jeff.
(Relax...I gave him a spare blanky.)
After he woke up we had a LONG talk. After about an hour I got him to come up with the idea of eating the pancake loaded with peanut butter and jelly!!

Caden still refused to eat his pancake so he got to do chores!

He swept and mopped the kitchen floor.

I emptied out his drawers and he sorted his clothes.


Then nap time. Sans Blanky and Polar Bear Jeff.

Try a peanut butter/jelly/pancake sandwich.

He's still not too sure about it.


Bath time.

The monster is revealed!
My day was filled with a million emotions and I am exhausted my lovelies!
Thank you for your listening ears and your patient words of advice.
I can't wait till the next time my mommy patience is tested.
Actually..... I can and would like to wait.
A long while if that is at all possible!!!

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