Pancake Morning (Cont'd from yesterday)

So those of you who have not yet read my post fro yesterday should do so now. Read me here!
This is Caden this morning. Still crying over the dam pancake. But wait...let me back up.
I went to be at 11:30 last night. Didn't fall asleep of course till close to 4 am. Was awoken this morning at nine but Caden sobbing in his room. I call his name. He stops crying. I call him again. Nothing. He waits till the 8th or 9th time for me to scream his name in anger before he comes in "What?"
Caden why are you crying.
Oh my tummy just hurts.
Did you eat your pancake.
No I'm not hungry.
OMG! Yes you are that's why your tummy hurts. Now get in the kitchen and eat.
 (He walks into his room>)
CADEN!!! It's in the kitchen.
I'm just gonna go to bed first.
Where he sits on the kitchen floor and throws a fit.
Now remember ladies...I have just newly awoken. From only a few hours sleep. Not only have I not had my coffee yet, I haven't even peed yet!
We ended up spending a good 20 minutes with him crying, me yelling and Seth on the phone trying to calm the both of us down.
I would like to point out that Even up till now...10:24 am, roughly an hour and a half later, I still have not spanked him. I was at that point, that deep dark black point, where I knew if I spanked him once...I wouldn't stop hitting him. So I walked out the door. I took the dog with me and walked out. No bra, still in my jammas, walked out.
When I came back...much more screaming.
He went to pee, then told me he was going to bed, that him needing to pee was why his tummy hurt. say that as you clutch your tummy.
We are now at the point where I have started to take his stuffed animals and bag them up in front of him threatening to throw them out, if he won't eat the pancake.
Still just nibbles a corner.
He says he is cold.
Ok now looking at the picture you can see that he is on the floor eating off a tray table. We just moved and our kitchen is too small for our old table so we had to sell it and have not yet had the money to buy a new one. BUT.....I do have a tall kitchen chair so I put it next to the counter and let him eat up there. I told him if he eats three bites, and I ripped the bites off for him, I would let him have his blanky. If he doesn't eat those three bites then blanky goes in the bag.
It's now 10:40 am. I am tired, crying, mad as hell. And I see no end in sight.
I don't know what to do, but I know I'm losing it.

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