Tuesday, April 6, 2010

See Me.

Stop and look at me for a moment.

Really see me, please.
No more stating the obvious for you.
Yes I realize you love my eyes and I have big boobs,
But why can't you see how much more there is to me?
Can you see the my smudged eyeliner from where silent tears have pooled beneath my lashes?
Or maybe the lines in my cheeks from a forced smile?
What about the hesitant tone in my voice when I'm trying to answer a question I didn't want to hear?
When I look at you I don't see a strong jaw line and hair that falls just perfectly.
My gaze sinks deeper.
I want the man who helps me with dinner when he has worked all day, the man who trusts me to help him think when he is puzzled.
And when I pull you into me it's so that I can make love to the man who loves only me.
Not some image in my head I wished you were.
See me. See me. See me.


Bernadine said...

This is beautiful poetry. I like your blog. :) I'll be following from today. :)

Allie said...

first of all, i truly believe this is one of your best pieces so far. i loved it!
second, i found it so funny because before i read this i wrote about someone who is trying to see inside of me, but i don't want him to look that far. i thought it was an interesting contrast to your post. AND, i also attached a picture of an eye! great minds think alike!