The Honest Scrap Award.

I have been pleasantly surprised by an award!!!
The Honest Scrap Award.
Honest Scrap Award is “for bloggers who put their heart on display as they write from the depths of their soul.” You write 10 Honest things about yourself that is not common knowledge and then you pass it on to  6 fellow bloggers that you follow that touch your heart by the honesty and sincerity they give with each post.

First things first... Nikki You are an amazing friend who deserves this award a billion times over. Thank you for the honor.
Now 10 things, HONEST things, that you probly don't know about me. SCARY!!!

1. My first kiss ever was a girl.
2. I'm a firm believer that everyone I care about will, a) Never love me as much as I love them. b) Will let me down in some way. c) Will leave me.
3. I hate cheesy romantic poetry that rhymes. And people who use it! Find a new way, your own way, to tell me how you feel. Or don't tell me at all.
4. I'm a pack rat. But a very organized one.
5. Me + Pajammas + breakfast and coffee at Denny's + the morning newspaper = A VERY GREAT MORNING!!! Sounds white trash but it does make me very relaxed. (Note-Pajammas could be traded for jeans and a hoodie.)
6. I still collect Barbies and Dolls. ESPECIALLY ones that I wanted as a kid but was not able to have.
7. Sometimes I think that every problem Seth and I have ever had is really just all my fault and maybe we could be happier if I wasn't such a horrible person.
8. I'm obsessed with restoring old furniture, bargain hunting, and home makeovers!
9. I never feel like I fit in anywhere, and I blame my mom for that.
10. I feel completely lost without my mom, sister and brothers in my life.

There ya go. All honest things you may or may not have wanted to know... But you want to know the real honest part about them??
In 3 or 4 nights I'll be brushing my teeth, getting ready for bed and I'll come up with some that are better.
Now my favorite part!!!!
Giving this award to others!!!

1) To Kristina my beautiful cousin and dear friend. She is a fabulous artist and always speaks the words that are hard to say aloud.
2) To Allie. You are an adorable little 17 year old, and I always feel so at home in your thoughts. Thank you!
3) To Linda.  I love reading about what lessons you have learned. Each post is an inspiration!
4) To Jill. You are truly an honest writer. You put your life and travels out there to inspire everyone. Thank you! I now want to go and visit India.
5) To Bryon. One of the last few good men! Come back from your haitus soon!
6)  To Inge. I love your sense of humor! And I always look forward to the stories about your grandmother.

Well it was very hard for me to pick just 6 of you to recieve this award. I can't wait to see your ten honest scraps about yourself as well as whom you choose to honor!

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