Redd Hot Reader!

Today I had one of the BEST DAYS!!! I got to meet one of my favorite authors. SeriouslyIf you have not checked out Frank Beddor and The Looking Glass Wars you are missing out. Just the website in itself is a treat!
About Frank Beddor: Frank is a highly respected and very successful film producer in L.A. ("There's Something About Mary", "Wicked", in addition to his recent involvement with the just announced Hasbro, Ridley Scott/Universal Pictures project based on the game of Monopoly) as well as being a NYTimes best selling children and young adult author. Frank has just released two books, "ArchEnemy" the third in his award-winning Looking Glass Wars trilogy (the first two installments spent 31 weeks on the NYTimes bestseller list--and are being made into a film with producing partner Charles Roven of The Dark Knight) Also just released, the second very successful young adult graphic novel entitled, "Hatter M Mad With Wonder!"

We went to a show called View From The Bay in SanFrancisco and got to be part of the live studio Audience. Watch it here! (I couldn't get the video to embed...SORRY!) But watch it please!!! They mention how a fan brought their books...ME!!! And they even say that I am sitting front and center before the camera pans on to me! lol
Frank was so energetic and entertaining to watch! I just want to crawl inside his head for awhile. He talks about Hatter Madigan and Queen Alyss like they are his best friends. He also talked about some other projects of his...I even got a blip of something about Wicked!!!! BE STILL MY HEART!
He signed my two books for me:
"Long live Alyss!"
and My favorite
"Redd Hot Reader!"
Then gave everyone in the audience a copy of the 2nd graphic novel.
As well as a deck of WonderLand playing cards.
If you want to know just how intense this man's imagination is....then check these cards out!
This was an experience I will treasure always. And I can't wait till the next time I get to meet Frank!

The View From The Bay group was awesome!
Janelle Wang, Nick Smith, Lisa Quinn and Michael Finney had us laughing the whole show! Their producers, camera crew, and everyone else who works on the show made us feel so comfortable and relaxed, we couldn't help but have a good time.
I plan on keeping an eye out from now on, as to whom their future guests will be... I plan on going back VERY soon!

Seriously check out Frank Beddor on Facebook, go and get the books AS FAST AS POSSIBLE or you will be left behind.

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