Purple mashed potatoes, broken dishwashers, chinese buffet in a thunderstorm, books the dog chewed on, bbq shrimp, and a drunken game of golf!

The lyrics "...These are a few of my favorite things!" Keeps running through my head as I write this. I can't remember the last time I felt this relaxed. Which is shocking considering that Nik and I are gonna be heading to WalMart soon, and in this town that's gonna be interesting. So many people that I could possibly run into. Least of all my parents. Now, I never called my mother and told her personally that I was coming out here, however I told so many friends and family that I am sure she has been told. Why didn't she call or text or email to ask me? Well my idea is cause she knew I wouldn't have Caden with me, and really what is the point of seeing your oldest child if she hasn't brought your only grandchild with her? Am I slighted? Not in the least. I am actually kinda relieved.
I am slightly paranoid of seeing my first stepdad though. I'm not scared of him, I am scared of what I will do to him. Nikki already has 911 on speed dial just in case. And she is ready to switch her engine into Bitch mode when the moment arises. And the bestity best part of it all? I can come home to Bo and Nikki and fall apart in complete safety. That is something money can't buy.
Have I mentioned yet that I am completely in love with my lovely Niece and Nephew? I am.
They are little dolls. And every word that comes out of their mouths leaves me fully smitten. My baby niece Jocelyn is so yummy! I could eat her. And then be completely happy if her adorable little cankles went straight to my ass. I know she would be fattening but worth it!! I got to feed her yogurt this morning and she talked to me the whole time about the strawberry on the container. She fell in love with my dark purple toenails yesterday. She kept saying "witty" Which meant pretty. So we painted hers too!! And she impressed us all with how still she sat.
I have prided myself on not feeling that urge to have more children so strongly that I do something I'll regret 9 months later. Don't get me wrong, I have wanted a baby. But I want a girl, and I don't have near enough money to have a girl. ;-) BUT...Jocelyn's baby smell is intoxicating. And I just want to pack her up in my suit case and take her home! LIGHTBULB! I am gonna be a wreck when I go back home....and for more reasons than I thought.
Lightbulb.....I more than kinda want a baby. Someone shoot me now.
OK...back to the real world.
Nikki's brother in law is coming over later. Now Rod is a cowboy cassanova hands down. He is a man whore but he flirts so cutely that you almost don't mind. I think it's always irked him that his charm never worked on me however. He is fun to flirt with, but I always tell him no. Anywho, he seems to have been counting down till I got here...intersting. Then today he called Bo and asked if  "His girlfriend was there." lol Oh tonight is going to be fun!

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