Not sure how to feel...

I am still reeling in some ways from yesterday.
And I am not completely sure why.
I has psyched myself up, as much as I could of ocurse, to try to be ready to see whomever I saw. (mainly from my family)
But of course I freaked myself out every time the door to the clothes store opened, or we turned a corner at WalMart. I kept thinking that I was nervous for the upand coming confrontation. Then it hit me, I'm afraid of none at all. What's run into my mom and sister and have them completely go off on me? Or have them treat me like I don't exist? I know how to get mad and yell and cause a scene and make them feel like shit too. But if they just completely ignored me.....well I know that eventually I would feel some relief, but for a long time I would be a broken person.
We did however run into The Witch and her Husband. This woman is evil. She studied the Druid religion and honestly believes she is a witch. She once stole Seth's wedding ring, which was a gift to me from my Great Grandpa and was also something that he had made before he died, just so she could put a hex on us. A HEX!!! She threatened to set another fellow tenant in our complex on fire. And that doesn't even come close to describing all of the pain and misery she put Nik through.
We were ready to see everyone...but her.
So we came home and drank.
OH...and I was so excited to have my fun flirt buddy, Rod...and that totally fell through. He apparently wanted more than flirting, this I was not aware, and he went so far that he upset his brother Bo with how he was acting. Horrible, Horrible, Horrible.
Last night laying in bed I realised just how long 12 days is. I miss my baby Caden. I was thinking about some of my friends that I was missing, and then I thought about Caden and cried. 12 days seems so long to be without him. And I am just praying that my mother in law is not being a bitch because I am gone and won't have him call me or his friends often enough.
Off to Nik's parents place for lunch!!! And I get to be the bible thumper to her ignorant sister!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!

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