Monday Monday.....

What a Monday.
I am such a zombie today. But it was worth it. Surprise surprise.....Alcohol was not involved. We had a great day at Nik's parent's house. The food her mom made was out of this world amazing. I can't remember the last time I was that stuffed. I got to talk to Nik's niece, Krystin. Who is no longer this budding teenager, but a grown married woman. (...Is feeling nostalgic.) Then Krystin and I rode her horse which was fun, and apparently earned me stupid points in Nik's book cause she thinks the horse is evil. But whatever. I got to see her Sister's Bunnies, which really are adorable! I got to hold one of the freshly born, and even though it PEED all over my hand, lol to where it dripped off my hand and formed a puddle. But it was so cute that I didn't care.
Then we sat in the frontyard and drank ice tea and talked, and watched the kids play. IT WAS WONDERFUL!
When we came home the goal was to let the baby sleep then go to Walmart to finish our grocery shopping that had been so rudely interupted the day before. FAT CHANCE!!
You get all of us relaxed and talking (Yes we actually did allow Bo to get a word in edgewise.) before we knew it hours had flown by, again, and we were SURPRISINGLY hungry. So Bo, as the absolute sweetie that he is, went and got us Chinese food! Yum! So then we sat and talked more and more and more, until Bo finally went to be at 11:30, since he does have a job to go to in the morning. lol Nik and I stayed up to FINALLY do our VLogging!!!
We started out sitting and writing down what we wanted to talk about, cause we really do need an outline to follow-as you will see, but we had the camera running so that we could get used to the camera and play around with it....which resulted in 30 minutes of hilarity! There was laughing so hard that we cried, that we couldn't speak, that we woke the baby, that we kept Bo up....yeah. It was perfect. Too bad I got cocky...
I mentioned She Who Will Not Be Named, and then when Nik told me not to say her name...I did. And after about 30 minutes when we decided to end it and upload it we discovered that the camera had froze at 4 minutes. Not only that we had to pull the battery out to get it to unfreeze and we lost those 4 minutes!!
So we re did it and now Nik has to upload it so that we can share the hilarity with you all!
Anywho we finally went to bed a 3:30 am, and now we are struggling to wake up so that we can get stuff done.
We will be cleaning the house.
We will finish our grocery shopping.
We will cook a weight watchers approved Dinner. (Uck)
We will be kising Bo's ass all day.

Lol See? We need to wake up!!!

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