First day in Arkansas....

So it's my first day back home and I am lovin it!! (Don't get me wrong...I am missing Caden and Taicie like crazy!!) But It is so nice to be home and be with Nik. The best thing about being with Nik and Bo is that it's like I never left. It's been a year and a half since I have spoken to Bo but we pick right back up as if we hang out every day. LOVE IT!!
We have been trying to come up with ideas for our Vlogging all day but we keep getting sidetracked. One time for two hours and I had completely forgotten what we had been originally talking about! So any ideas from the peanut gallery?!
BTW Nik's messy house has been making me insane!!! OMG Toys and filth everywhere!!! I just don't think I can live in this!!!
lol No not even close. Her house is comfy and lived in and while partially cluttered with kids toys it's completely sanitary!!  And I give it an A+. Which is saying something.
Oh back to our first we ate Long John Silvers, from the LJS that I used to work at, and it was heavenly. Joygasm in every bite!! And I am slightly ashamed to say that I burped later, in front of everyone, but the sad part was that I moaned aloud without realising!!! lol HEY IT WAS GOOD. Don't judge me.
I don't want to go to bed cause I don't want to miss a moment with them...but I want to wake up so that our new day and fun can start!!!

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