My 201st post.

In typical me fashion my  201st post isn't something poetic. It's just more me trying to survive. Same as my 200th post.

The wedding was perfect. One of the most beautiful I have been to, and I am really happy my sister in law had a great day.
I am still trying to cope with my emotional side of the weekend. I teared up a few times but kept it in check.
I feel like I'm waiting till I am in Nikki's arms before I just completely lose it. My bestest friend who has never judged me or wanted anything other than my love from me. She is the best. lol And I am repaying her love with coming emotionally unhinged when I see her for the first time in a year and a half.
But because she really is the bestest she will tell me that it's ok and that she has been waiting for this, and that it's the reason she has two shoulders .
Ok so for purely my sake I need to write the hard stuff....
I hate the saying of the vows at a wedding. All I can think is "well we shall see if you mean it." I hate the father/daughter dance. My father in law is the closest thing I have ever had to a dad, and I about lost it watching him and Sis dancing. Even now...but at least I am at home and can cry in private....
I really hate weddings. I don't know why I go. I love to go and help set up, do the flowers, last minute cake fixes, straighten the grooms tie and make him laugh, help the bride get her dress on....but I need to leave when the music starts.
I think I would make the best wedding planner, but I couldn't stay to watch.

So today I am trying to enjoy my little munchkin and get ready for my trip.  It's not easy...Caden and I have upset tummies. And apparently so does Taicie since she couldn't make it off the bed and threw up on my blanket.MAJOR TEARS!!! I need my blanket and coffee in the morning. Nikki knows...
I come stumblin out of my room, hair lookin like I had crazy monkey sex all night. I stop and drop my blanket at the bathroom door to blankets in the bathroom YUCK! then I wrap myself up like a taco, pour some coffee, sit down on the couch with my feet tucked up under me, deeply inhale the coffee steam, and as my eyes start to clear I look around and say goodmorning.
It really is quite a show! Seriously...Nikki should like record it or something cause it's entertaining.
Well I have a few ideas in my head for other blogs....time to explore my creativity.

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