Tears go away. Come again another day

Today is a stress day for me. My sis in law's wedding is tomorrow and I cant handle it. Have I mentioned I hate weddings? More than twice? Well here comes a third.

I hate weddings. Mainly for selfish reasons. This one is hard because Seth is in it. His fourth to be in. And as I have said Im so jealous of that I can barely see straight. Horrible person? Yes I am. Fuck you too.

So its making everything else hell for me. Right now I am off to DMV because my wonderful husband (insert sarcasm here) did not tell me I needed to renew my license. Which I need to be let on the plane!!! And he just told me that he has to do his too...so he will probly pay for his and not do mine. So I am trying to at least get an id card.


I am so emotional I am on the verge of tears and hyperventilating.

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