Of course!!!

I'm so mad right now.
Had a great productive day, got a ton of stuff from the old place. Hung up my pictures and shelves, Nikki you would love it, and then went bowling and had all my friends over to hang out and have fun... but of course as soon as they all leave the sit hits the fan. And what do you know....it's all about sex.
Honestly I don't know where to begin. Everyone left. I am at the computer looking at facebook, and a friend put some pictures up. And as i am looking through them I realize that my sister is in most of them. I got emotional. It's my baby sister who I miss like crazy.
But Seth is trying to undo my jeans. WTH!?
I'm looking at pictures of my sister and Im crying and I am asking him to please go away and leave me alone but he won't. So I put my jammas on and crawl into bed and then he just wants to argue.
OMG Nikki give me strength because I can't handle this.
Huge fight later...now I am on the couch. I thought that would stop things but it didn't. He came out and was more mad.
I cant do this. My head hurts like crazy and I wish i could stop crying and I am so tired of feeling so alone.
But tomorrow I will have people over and I will drink and smile and laugh and you will never know. You could never guess that all I want to do is cry and hide in my blankets.
And no one will know that Nikki all I want is you to hug me and be my big sister and tell me I can get through this.....again.

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