I love this picture.
It makes me think of crisp clean air and hard work when you're fingers and toes are frozen and you're barely awake.
It makes me think of getting hay in my hair as I'm trying to feed the horses.
Wet icy hands as I'm breaking up the frozen water in the trough.
Wearing boots, but trying not to slip on the frozen patches. Wishing I was in tennis shoes so I could run and warm myself up.
Making hot chocolate in the cold barn once the begining of my chores were done.
Watching the steam come from a horses nose as they ran along the lunge line.
Running my fingers through the dog's hair to warm up my hands.
It makes me think of the first time I helped a foal being born. So cold that night but the stars shined. She slipped out after hours of pacing. This dark little wet thing with long spindly legs.
My two baby lambs, who lived in a dog crate next to my bed. Their soft curly hair. Their little baby lamb bleats. Their little noses nuzzled into my hands when they were hungry.
Getting dirt and rust under my nails and not caring cause I wanted the excuse to wash my hands with hot water to get feeling in them again.
These things I miss. Almost to the point of tears.

I want to blow this picture up. I want to wrap myself in it until I can see and smell all the things I miss. All the things that make me feel like I'm home. The memories it releases are strong enough to make me smell the air and barn and animals. All these things I miss.
All these things that make me feel like I'm home.

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