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I don’t get people sometimes. Seth of course is who I am referring to, since he is the only one I know that I cant freakin understand ever!!! He whines that I'm standing firm on separate rooms and my own privacy, which means no coming in to pee when im in the tub, or to talk when I'm changing clothes. And yet he wont do a dam thing to change!! He stays up till 2 or 3 playing violent video games with god knows who from all over the world, then when he is tired the next day he wants me to feel bad for him. Oh hell no!!!
get your ass off the couch. Do the dishes like I begged you to do. Take out the trash like you promised. Read a book. Brush your dam teeth. Anything really would be an improvement at this point.
maybe that's why I feel so stagnant. If you care about yourself try to improve. How is that too hard to get? I'm constantly trying to better this just a guy thing? Am I being too judgmental?

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