I'm ALIVE!!! Kinda....

I have been gone since Wednesday. Miss me? Well I do have a good reason.
SO...Wednesday at 4 am I woke up with intense pain in my lower abdomen. My first thought was that one or both of my ovaries had collapsed. The pain was so bad I threw up, and was so dizzy I could barely walk down the hallway. I called Seth, who was at a friend's house in the bay area, and woke him up. (I didn't know who else to call.) He had just gone to bed less than an hour ago, so I had to work REALLY hard to get him to wake up. I was in so much pain I had tears runnin down my face. I just kept asking him to talk to me, take my mind off the pain while the vicodin kicked in. I begged him, tell me a story, a real one, a fairytale, finally I asked to hear about the latest football game. Which he knew by heart. Of course. By the time he was done the pain was fading and I hung up and fell asleep.
I woke up at nine and the pain was coming back. So I took some more meds. Threw dinner into the crockpot and called Seth. I told him I needed to go to the ER. He wasn't supposed to be back till the next day. So he said he was going to sleep for an hour or so more and then head the 2 hours or so home. He got back a little before noon and we trekked off to the hospital. Of course Seth and Caden had started arguing before we even left the house. So the whole trip there Caden was crying and Seth was yelling and I was begging Nikki to remind me why this was worth it!!!!!
We spent 3 hours waiting in the ER. But as soon as I got back into a room they had me hooked up to an IV and a morphine drip. LOVELY!!!
They did ultrasounds first. First a regular one, then the wand that goes INSIDE. (OUCH) Then even worse....they put in a catheter, inflated my bladder and then did the first ultrasound again. (DOUBLE OUCH!!!) All they could tell me was that I had one cyst on my left ovary. (I could and did tell them that before they got started.)
After I got back from that, and had MORE morphine, they decided to do a pelvic exam. (yay) My ER doc didn't hear me or didn't believe (Or in my morphine induced stupor I didn't actually tell him) when I told him I needed the Child's speculum...Needless to say by the time he was done my Blossom was wilted.
At that point I was on so much morphine and had been given 4 litres of fluid that I was nauseated and then they gave me something for that and I slept for over an hour. While I slept Seth took Caden to spend the night with Kevin and Jenna. (THEY ROCK!!!) When he came back it was 11 pm and I had been at the ER since noonish. The doc finally came in at midnight and told me they had no answers. And that they wanted to keep me overnight. I told them I didn't care anymore, that I was ready to go home if they didn't mind, and she agreed that would be best. (THANKFULLY!!! Cause Seth was so irritating at the hospital that I wanted to claw his eyes out!) She said she felt it had something to do with the PCOS and that they would never know what it really was, and that if I had more pain I could just come back. (Oh yeah)
So by 1-ish in the morning I was home and tucked into my own bed.

The next morning I was still hung over from the morphine and needed to take more pills, which means I needed coffee and something to eat. I offered to make breakfast if I could get some help since I was still pretty dizzy, but Seth said we would just go grab something. I figured that meant we would go to Denny's or something....so I was shocked when at 11 am he said Taco Bell. Ugh. So I said I needed breakfast. He said only one place was still serving breakfast. And I said Oh, Jack in the Box. Which I know he doesn't like. So I said we didn't need to go there. He said we would try Carl's Jr. And I said they weren't making breakfast anymore. But he drove their anyway. Which of course they weren't serving breakfast. So I ordered coffee, and he got mad that I didn't want food. And I got mad and said sorry that a cheeseburger sounded gross at 11 am!!! So I got coffee. He got a burger. My cup had a hole so it leaked on me all day. And I kept wishing he would get heart burn. No such luck.
We picked up Caden...apparently moments after he threw up on Kev and Jen's couch. Great. AND OF COURSE...that did not stop Seth from yelling at Caden for something stupid on the 5 minute drive home.
Needless to say I was spent. I crawled up to my apt, flopped down on the bed, and cried myself to sleep.
Seth told me just after 5 that we had to leave at 6 to go out to dinner with friends. Apparently He had just made the plans. So I scrambled around trying to get dressed in time. Only to find out we were going to sushi. Which is ok.....normally. Not my favorite. And that night it was just not gonna work with my already upset tummy.
But I was the good wife, got dressed, and went out with a smile on my face, and didn't have to bad a time. Then our friends wanted to go see Sherlock Holmes. I was dying to see it again but Seth didn't want to take Caden. So I chose to go home and let him go out, they are really his friends anyways. I came home, put the monster to bed, talked to my friends, watched the ball drop and kissed my dog at midnight.
Oh and my keyboard/computer had a Y2K meltdown Wednesday morning...I just got it semi fixed tonight.

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