Knight of my Heart

Strong arms hold me safe.
Steady lips press against my eye lids.
Your hands run through my hair,
and mine touch your cheek.
Making sure you're real.
Oh handsome man...where are you?
Pull out the map of my life and
show me when I will see you.

I know I will fall for you immediately.
I don't believe finding love should be hard.
And I always jump in heart first.

"Moi Chroidh Chado."
(Knight of my Heart.)

I want to feel your heart, petals of a butterfly,
fluttering against mine.
I want to know you're real.
I want to look in your eyes
and kiss you deeply.

I want to know that you are only mine.
And I never want to doubt you.
Let me make you happy forever.

Come to me soon.
I have been waiting so patiently.

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