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The snow swirls around me and makes my heart leap.
The world seems so magical tonight.
Winter exhales and my dreams get misplaced.
I wonder how something so harsh could be so beautiful.
And I think about how the snow only shows you where you've been.
(Don't look back!)
Everything ahead seems endless-Anything could happen.

Now my heart's a little lighter.
My worries seem far away.
And all thanks to a pure white world.

Now, of course, I think of you.
I wonder which direction to go so I can be happy
with you forever.
I know it could be one of a dozen roads-Except behind.
But if I only knew which I could run down it!

And still the snow falls.
It swirls around me and tickles my lashes.
Wind blows icy cold.
It chills the tears on my cheeks.

Which Way Do I Go?
We don't know.

Why am I sitting here in the cold?
Alone with my tears, and asking questions about our fate.
For all I know your desire for me doesn't extend past
making your nights warmer.

Now my thoughts are sullied.
My heart seems so weighed down with unshed tears.
And all because I ask too many questions.
And here I thought the earth was magical tonight.
Silly girl.
No more wishing on stars.
Because they don't ever make it that far.
They only vanish under the snow.

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