My Smiles for Today.

While many people are getting ready for Christmas today I am not. Due to Religious views I choose not to celebrate the Holidays. However this time of year always makes me think about my family.
A few years back I decided to find my Real Father whom I had not seen in over fifteen years. But what I found was an entire bunch of people who had loved and missed me along with him. I was not completely sure what I would find when I set out to get to know my Dad. But it wasn't this at all! Growing up without really knowing any of my extended family was very hard. I always wanted cousins and grandparents and aunts and uncles. People to feel a connection to.
And now I have and they are all so loving that it makes me feel the time we should have had together in an all new painful way.
My two Cousins John and David are some of my favorite people in general. I remember them somewhat from when I was a little kid. I remember getting shoulder rides, and them pushing me around on their bicycles. I remember them pushing me in the tire swing my dad made me and helping me to climb up the grapefruit trees, and then laughing at me when I ate grapefruit. I remember them working on a boat in my dad's garage and also helping skin and clean fish. And when I look back on growing up without them...I realize that all this time I had remembered them almost every day, and had always wished they could have been there, even though I didn't realize it.
Now they are both raising families and working hard, and yet they take the time to let me know how much them and their families care about me. It's such a thrill to have family who randomly let me know that they care without me doing anything. I can't think of a time when I have ever had that. And it's something that I am most thankful for.
So where ever my two cousins are today...I hope you both have wonderful days. I hope you both stay safe. And I hope you both know just how much I love you and am thankful to have found you.

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