Safe Place.

I just want to be sheltered.
And easy silence just for me.
Please keep the world at bay for a bit.
Hold them off while I get strong enough
to fight them all again.
The outsides of my heart feel scraped raw and bleeding.
Too many people picking it apart trying to get in.
Why can't they see that they are not welcome here?!
I want them out! I wish them gone.

Deja me en Pace!!!

I wish I knew how to put myself together properly. None of my patches hold long. And I can't seem to put the broken pieces back on correctly.

I'm scared I'm drowning.
My spirit feels crushed beyond recognition.
And the walls around my heart are so high that they are choking the life out of me.
I'm bruised but not yet broken.
How will I survive?
Give me a harbor. A safe place to mend.

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