Set your guilt Free.

Seems as though all I live for is to wreck myself.
Although I wanted more, I'm my own saboteur.
The truth is all I can't ignore when I lay awake at night.
Do I need to change the world to make you see me?
To be the one that you could run to.

Look how far I have come while mourning your love.
Life moves on without you in the end.
I had to fall.
And when I rise I know you'll just knock me down again.

Hate me today, but I can't hold on to life
and then you'll be alone.
I'm tired of staying in love with my sorrow.

Stay Low-Beneath my nightmares-Just blame the cold on me-Set your guilt free.

Some of the ugliest things take the longest time to make.
But I refuse to live in the past or drown myself in the memories.
Welcome to no where and finding out where it is.
And always remember:

"You're killing yourself by not speaking your mind."

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