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Isn't this picture breathtaking? Currently it's the wallpaper on my computer. I get most of my photographs from Deviant Art. I don't think I mention that enough. But if I can't take a picture that I feel fits with what I wrote than I find it on that site.

I have officially been turned. I want a Kindle. One of my amazing guy friends has convinced me that I need one. Now....If I can be convinced then anyone can be. I currently OWN 786 books. I have, at present, read over 2300 books. I love books! I love holding them. I love the way they smell. I love their cover art. I love digging through an old barn or dusty book shop for some secret gem who's worth will bring tears to my eyes alone. Which is why I have been so against the Kindle. Yes I realize it's convenient....but who cares? Nothing compares to cradling a book in my palms. Unless you read as fast as I do. Every book I own has been read more than 3 times. At least. And each one has been read AT LEAST once just in this last year. And while I love it....I do crave new books. And that costs money. And if I could buy a new book every time I needed/wanted one...well I would be homeless, divorced and no longer have custody of my son. Reading is crack to me.
So....Why do I now want the Kindle? BECAUSE my dear Brett has his own server set up JUST for his Kindle to which I could wirelessly connect to and download all of my books from him FOR FREE. Not only that he knows how to download books like free music torrents. He sat here last night and downloaded one of my favorite trilogies, (The LiveShip Trader Series-Robin Hobb) in less than 5 minutes. As well as the other book I wanted to buy last week but didn't have the money for. (Fire Study-Maria V. Snyder) Also within a few minutes. (Have I mentioned that Brett is probly the smartest man under 30? And probly the biggest computer nerd in NorCal.)
Now here is the thing....I will never pass up an opportunity to buy a book. Never. Books are priceless. However I would love to be able to read anything at any time. The concept boggles my mind!! And My dearest friend and brother has graciously proclaimed himself my "Book Pimp."
(Have I said enough how wonderful he is and just how much I love him?)
So my heart has betrayed itself and now it's main desire is a Kindle. If you have one...TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT! And if you are still not sure...well now you can ask me all you would like about it!
I am still working my ass off downstairs to clean the new apt so we can move in this weekend. It is so filthy yucky gross that I can only be downstairs a few hours at a time. But I am pushin through! lol
Last but not least my Blog. Of course everyone once to be the next "Julie and Julia". Nikki and I are trying our bestity bestest to figure out how to do that. We both have short stories we might try to finish and then post on here. Nikki NEEDS to put down some of her recipes because she is an amazing cook. So many ideas to try to get more readers.
What do you do to advertise?
When we get together next month (OMG NEXT MONTH!!! I can barely sit still I am so excited!!!) We are going to do some Video Blogs together!!! Should be interesting. And VERY Funny.
Well I think that's all my updates for now. Enjoy this wonderful Sunday!

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