I've wished a million wishes on a big empty sky,
and I've spent too many endless nights alone.
Wondering if I was broken. And where I belong.

I know what it's like to be Cinderella.
Working hard for something not your own
and always going home alone.
Dreaming of the day you find your own and only.
And wonderin why your arms are always lonely.
Livin on dreams and fairy tales,
to get you through the day.
Yeah I know what it's like to live that way.

I've seen my share of troubles.
Tears shed in vain.
Watched my dreams crumble.
And tried not to go insane.

I know what it's like to be Cinderella.
Each day feeling like that last.
And wondering when this will all be the past.

Did Cinderella really find happiness? I imagine her falling into depths of loneliness. Her stepmom and stepsisters wern't happy for her. In fact they hated her! They probly made life miserable for her every chance they could. And who falls in love with just one dance and then lives together happily forever? I bet Prince Charming was secretly gay and just married someone to keep his parents of his back.
So she traded one hell for another.
Yes I know what it's like to be Cinderella.

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