How simple it's been.

I can't begin to describe what you mean to me, this feeling in my heart,
When I'm lying in my bed, and thoughts of you fill my head-
Oh baby can't you see that they are ecstasy!
I think I might let go and let myself fall into you.
It doesn't matter if we speak at all because your heart speaks to me.
{Thump, Thump}
The scent of your skin does me in and my walls start to burn like paper.
I can tell you now how simple it's been to let you in.
Melt into me now.
Like the song belongs to melody, you belong to me.
Let your breathe, your flesh, your love surround me-You feel like home.
But the nights drag on and on and you're so far away. Maybe I'm foolish but I don't want to be loved by anyone but you.
At night when I'm home I listen for my phone, wondering if you will ring.
And I wonder if you feel the same.

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