Fresh Chance

I absolutely love this picture. It makes me feel optimistic.
And it makes me think of new beginnings.
Have I mentioned lately that I love FaceBook? Well I do. I have reconnected with all of these people that I have known since I was really little. Which....if you have read any of my blogs then you know how much that means to me.
The cool thing is that I have been reconnecting with Woman who were friends of my parents. They are all in their 40's or older. And like I previously stated I have known them all most of my life. But pretty much all of them hate my mother. Some she lied to. Some she snubbed. Some she flirted with their husbands. And...I will admit...some just didn't like her because she was a 5'8 155 lb Blond.
BUT....These woman are not only sending me friend requests but then they are talking to me. Telling me how proud they are of me. And that they miss me. It's the strangest thing to me. But I am absolutely reveling in it!
It's like getting a second chance. I am no longer paying for her mistakes! People are finally seeing me and not either of my parents. It's a wonderful feeling.

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