You make me want to scream.
But I don't think you'd see me even then.
One step back towards my own world and I'm instantly invisible to you.
Everything said is meaningless compared to all you won't say.
Fall in love with me again!
It'd be so easy. The simplest thing you ever did.
I get just enough of you to see me through,
But I'm still invisible to you.
Why won't you try to trust me!?

I think about your hands, the feel of them gripping me and
fighting with my clothes.
The smell of them as they pour into me.
I just want to scream! Break this world like glass,
But I'd still be invisible to you.
I'm so sharp in someone Else's eye sight.
But you only see me in a fog. Some vague point of reference
in a life of sunshine.

So I'm slipping. Fading away from you in a way that only I can feel.
And you've left me with this hungry ache and a sky full of questions.
My heart, to your side itself was sewing. But all these doubts tore asunder.

My only consolation...the night you once were in my arms.
And the knowledge that my eyes will haunt your empty life.
When you see that a piece of you is missing, look in the shadows.
And listen for my scream.

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