Black is black

So I took some advice from a friend and bought my first bottle of black nail polish today.
And then I remembered why I never bought any before! It looks horrible on me! I have long thin "piano" fingers with long nails. Not short stubby emo fingers with half the nail bitten off. Black eye make up....Oh yeah. I completely own that look and will make men drool. But the whole emo thing...nope. I guess I'm just too bubbly for that!
So yeah....It really is an awesome black though....just not really me.
BUT!!! I have another picture too.....
LOOK!!!! I'm thin!!!! lol well thinner! I have lost 4 dress sizes. And I am ecstatic! lol I am back to lookin hott and I love it!
lol I have a waist! I just can't get over that. I was puttin a shirt on earlier and Seth came in the room....who hasn't seen me without a shirt in God knows how long....and he was shell shocked. He was midsentance, blabbing about football stuff, when he stopped and couldn't stop staring. lol Even considering it was Seth...It felt so good!
When Nikki met me I was 135 pounds. If I don't get back down to that I won't mind. Just two more sizes and I won't complain anymore!!! Well...wait...I am a woman....I just won't complain as much AND I will wear a bathing suit.

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