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So lately I feel as though all I have been doing is Bitching about Seth. And today will be no different! I wanted to write some of this yesterday....but was still to upset to get it out.
Thank you Nik for bitching with me and making me think about it enough to write it down....

So Saturday Seth's parents called and said they wanted to come over for dinner on Sunday. Which is cool. I love his parents (I don't always like them) and they don't often have the time to come to us so I thought it was pretty cool they were gonna make the effort.
Well Saturday we had a bunch of friends over, so I had cleaned and cooked. And then of course cleaned after everyone ate and then I bathed Caden and put him to sleep (Usually Seth's job but he was playing drinking games and was pretty far gone at that point.) And then I cleaned up again after they had all passed out on the couch or went home. WITH, I might add, a smile on my face and not a mean word from my lips.
Sunday, we went to our religious meeting, and when we got home we agreed to pick up later cause I wanted a nap and of course, the game was on. I woke up around 3 ish and Seth was getting ready to go to Kevin's house and help him put some furniture together. No big deal. 5 o'clock comes around, Caden gets up from his nap and I get to argue with him for 2 hours about cleaning his room, I cleaned everything, then I started getting dinner ready. by about 10 to 7 I text Seth. I hadn't heard from him and I was kinda pissy, so I let him have it. I told him to get his ass home, and to stop hiding out at his friend's house and help me out. I mean after all they are HIS parents.
About ten minutes later...after no word from Seth, I text his friends and ask them to have Seth check his phone. One replies to me saying he is heading out the door. He came in a bit later and instantly said What Can I Do TO Help? lol Seth code for I know I'm in trouble so I'm kissing ass. So he took out the trash, then came in and took a shower.
When he was done he wanted to turn my music off and watch the game and I said no. I'm cooking...I want music on. And then he asks if something was wrong. Oh bad move! He proceeds to tell me he never got my text so he has no idea what I am talking about. (I checked his phone, he got my text when it was opened and he read it.) BUSTED!
So then we have this huge argument. I was so mad I was just trying not to cry, and he was acting super rational which made me feel confused. I HATE THAT! I have a legitimate reason to be mad, that's not being irrational! Especially when I am not yelling or not talking or cursing.
He tells me that I have been acting different. lol No he is different I'm just getting sick of dealing with it. He says he feels like I am not doing anything to change my attitude. And then I lost it.
I told him I was SO GLAD he felt that way. That I was irritating him and not doing anything to change it. Because then he could see how much it hurt, to have someone doing or acting some way CONSTANTLY and no matter how much you talked to them about it they didn't care enough about you to change. He said he had no idea what I was talking about.

Ugh I don't remember what all was said but I know I was given the "Don't say things that aren't true to try to hurt my feelings" speech and the "If I am driving you crazy don't do it back out of vengeance" speech. And the "I'm not letting him take the lead" speech. Ugh! He finally told me that my eye rolling was making him think I didn't care what he was saying. (I swear I felt 12 again!) and so I told him after hearing these lectures more than once I didn't care anymore.
THANKGOD his parents showed up and that was the end of that.
Yesterday he was ok. I had pulled meat to dethaw for dinner but I was in so much pain that I was nauseous and I couldn't cook so he made dinner. (I get to do all the clean up! YAY! :-( )
But today it started again. I don't even want to get into it all but basically the money I had set a side to do some shopping Friday while he was gone is going to pay a bill that he didn't pay cause he spent the money on Netflix and Ebay.
And yet somehow this is all still my fault. SHOCKER!

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