That's not me.

What I wish is to make you catch your breath.
One look at me filling your head with images
hot enough to smolder.
Be your fantasy. You know, that girl from your wet dreams.
The one you think you know, but oh, she is still such a mystery!
A kitten you see when you don't think so hard-Maybe you're dreaming!

But that's not me.

Can't be more than the image in your head.
I won't live up to the hype.
I can play a long to a point, make you sweat and smile.
I'm such a good mystery weaver, but this is a gift that won't be unwrapped.
These petals don't blossom that way.

You made a mistake, on that day that you met me and lost your way.
You thought you saw all the right signs but I shoulda told you to leave.
Cause I knew all the time you couldn't handle me!
But you're so dam hard to resist, and you ache for this.
But you don't understand...That's not me.

Put me in a position and I might let you tell me what to do.
But ask for my opinion and I can't look you in the eye.
Cause that's just not me.

I claim to be anything you want, but at best I can fill the spaces where you have need.
I'm not the heartbreaker you desire, with hands so confident you grip your
sheets with need.

That's not me.

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