My Husband's Other Wife.

I think Most wives tend to feel that their husband is married to their job. Mine sure is! He works in a very tough industry. (Fire Safety...IE. Fire extinguishers, Fire sprinklers, and Hood systems in Restaurants.) His job is not so bad. He drives everywhere, does tons of paperwork, some days comes home covered in kitchen grease, and yet it's a job. He has done this type of work for over 6 years and he knows it backwards and forwards. Which is absolutely essential for him. He is a great boss and he trains others really well. My problem is the Spawn of Satan who is his boss.
Yes I know....EVERYONE complains about their boss to some extent. Well....Read this and tell me how much you like your boss afterwords.
My husband started working for this company Last June. And old employers relative had called him and said that his son had started a fire suppression company but had then gone to prison, and would Seth move to Sacramento and run it for him? Business was really slow for Seth at the time where we were currently living, and this man offered Seth a free apt to run the company so Seth agreed. (I didn't! lol)
For It was not until the end of October that Seth started making any money. (And I mean ANY. No money...not a penny.)
Then they started giving him 200 dollars a week. (Mind you our apt was free...but the three of us were living in a 1 bedroom)In December we were moved into a 2 bedroom. YAY! We got all of our things out of storage and it was a happy day! Until the bedroom ceiling started to leak when it rained. Oh yeah...did I mention this place is the ghetto? And I mean BAD GHETTO. Cops are here more often than I am somedays. The place is infested with roaches (And I am a clean freak...yeah.)Most of the appliances only half work. Most all of my neighbors are either very ghetto black people (Which tends to mean drugs, loud rap music and guns.) And illegal Mexicans (Which means fights, drinking out in the quads, and everyone hitting on the only blond in the Seriously...I am not trying to profile or sound like a racist. But I am not living with the Cream of the crop. More like the spoiled milk of the crop.
So in December the ceiling started to leak when it rained. We spent two months sleeping on the couch with everything in our bedroom piled against the walls so that they wouldn't get leaked on. Every time it was dry for a few days I would ask for them to patch it or replace the roof...nothing! They said wait till it's been dry longer. (Yeah it's July 1st. Still holes in my ceiling that the bugs come through.) We went 3 weeks without an oven cause it broke and they couldn't afford to replace it. We went through the first heat wave without an AC cause ours broke. (Window unit AC BTW)
Not too mention that back in November Seth developed a hernia. His boss (Who now is the Man who originally called him's Wife) We will call her Punani... Insists that he work around ten or more hours a day. Since Seth was working under the table at that time we had to go through med-i-cal to get his hernia surgically taken care of. 7 months later and he is just now finally having surgery. His surgeon told him to take 2 weeks off and 6 weeks no lifting over 5 pounds. She had Seth back to work a week later, full time. She is constantly yelling at him for not doing as much work...even though he is working over ten hours a day, Is in pain, and is on Vicodin.
she was supposed to hire him a helper, which he needs anyways since there is so much work to do. She keeps hiring people who are illegal immigrants. Which means that they can't drive for him and barely understand English so he is always having to do the majority of the work himself anyways. But after about a week or so she stops them from working with Seth to work on her Slummy apartments.
ARGH!! It's the most frustrating thing in the world! Seth tries so hard to be a great employee, he doesn't yell back at her when she yells at him. He has not once asked her for a raise. He tries to fix things in the apartment himself before calling maintenance. But it's getting ridiculous. I can't take it anymore and I know he is close to breaking.
To be completely honest....I just hope Code Enforcement shuts her down for all of her crappy apartments!

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