Bad day

I am in an uber weird mood today. For starters we woke up at noon. Which is really just ODD for us. But after that we went to Sonic and took Caden to the pool for a few hours, which he loved. But it just went down hill from there.

A few weeks ago we drove 6 hours to the southern tip of Cali to visit my family. My grandparents had drove out here from Arkansas for my Cousins graduation, and then one of my Uncles decided to get married in my Aunt and Uncle's back yard. (I can see why it is GORGEOUS!)
We had a great time! I got to see all of my family, and I am super big on family since I didn't grow up getting to see them often, plus share in two great family events. Today my grandma emailed me the pictures....of when they got back to Ark and had dinner with my mom and siblings.
I'm not really speaking to my immediate family right now due to certain issues I don't feel like thinking about right now, so it was slightly irritating to me to see pictures of them when I wanted pictures of my other family. I know my Grandparents didn't do it on purpose. They are not like that. And as much as I would like, there is no way I can find to blame this on my mom, lol. But it just did not put me in a great mood.
Then my close friends had a run in with their landlord. They had been away for awhile and had someone looking after their cats. Apparently that person came every day and fed and watered the cats but didn't clean the box. And the landlord "apparently" thought the place had been vacated, so him and some workers went to "clean it out." They did this by picking up the cats and THROWING THEM out of the house. (Down a flight of stairs) One cat did not want to leave his cat house so they threw the cat house down the stairs and then ripped the cat out of the cat tree and threw it against the wall. My friends came home a few hours later to find their house in shambles and their cats missing. We spent all day and found 3 out of the 5 cats. When we heard the neighbors report of what happened it made us all quite emotional. We still can't find the cat who was injured. I keep praying he is ok.

All in all it has not made for a very happy day. I wish I had some Vodka to be quite honest.
On a good note I am reading a great book. Jude Deveraux's THE MULBERRY TREE. Her heroine is much different than usual. It's a great pick me up.

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