Wilson Vineyard

So tonight we went to a family dinner at my husband's family's Vineyard. It is one of the prettiest places on the delta. (www.wilsonvineyards.com) People get married there, they have GREAT wine. It's just a nice, relaxing place to be.
Not as much family showed up as I had thought would. I took some great pics with my DSi and as soon as I can get them put on the computer I will add some to here.
We had a great time eating, drinking wine and catching up with all of the family.
My husband's Great-Grandfather was a farmer. He basically started tomato farming in Southern Mexico. And he started wine growing here in the delta. Many vineyards that you see have a rose bush growing at the end of them, that was a tradition started by the Wilsons.
One bottle in particular was very special...

It's a 2002 Late Harvest Chenin Blanc. This wine was created to honor His Great-Grandmother, Isabelle "Bella" Wilson on her 100th Birthday. Born in 1901, she came to Clarksburg with Seth's Great-Grandfather in the early 1920's to farm and raise a family.
All in all it's such a blessing to be a part of a family with such a rich history.

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