Right now my 3 year old monster is sitting at the kitchen table doing everything possible not to eat his dinner. Which is all the more upsetting considering that it is 9:45 at night and his bed time is at 9.
WHAT in the world is making me consider having another one?
I have to admit that he is way more behaved then most of the children I know. He didn't go through the terrible twos, he is respectful visiting family, doesn't cry during road trips and is nice to other children. It's when we are at home that he drives me nuts. He has more energy than I know what to do with, he can NEVER make it to the bathroom in time, he constantly back talks me, makes huge messes everywhere, and the worst part is it's all my fault. I wish I had the mental strength to force myself out, and just take him to the park. I know if he ran and played and got his energy out he would feel better.
I feel so bad for the poor kid.
If I could just GET some sleep... maybe that would help..

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