Q. "What's an advantage to Major Depression?"

A. "You never have to make your bed, since you're always in it."

Wa Wa Wa.
There really are not many depression jokes. Not because Depression isn't funny. But because we are all too depressed to see anything to funny to laugh at.
Depression is hard. It's hard because it's an illness with no real symptoms or cause. No fever. No broken bones. Your not bleeding. You could have lived stress free with amazing parents and never had a bad moment in your life and still suffer from depression. And people who do not suffer from depression don't get it!! "Just look on the bright side." "Have more faith in god." "Spend time outside." "Don't get addicted to medication."
Every time someone says something completely idiotic I go through a wide range of emotions in a matter of seconds.
1. More depressed. It's so easy to think "Yeah they are right, what's my problem?"
2. ANGER. Who do they think they are telling me what I should do about MY illness? They don't know what I go through!
3. Pity What a small world they must live in if they think every problem has such simple answers.
Is it still fair that people think like that? No. Depression is real. it effects every single aspect of a persons life. It can make you sleepy yet you can't sleep. It makes your body hurt. It makes you throw up. It makes you freak out with panic/asthma attacks for no reason and usually at the worst possible time(IE, in front of a group of people you are trying to look normal around.) And yet there are no real symptoms. It's all in your head. No band aids. No Penicillin. No surgery.
Just you lost in the emotions in your head and you can barely understand it or the why let alone explain it to the people trying to help you.
Depression is a horrible painful sickness. It doesn't care if you are fat, skinny, pretty, ugly, rich, poor, loved or alone. It can effect anyone.
How do I deal with my depression?
I don't. I have no clue how. I survive my life every day, I can't remember the last time I actually lived it. I have good days. And then I have days that really scare me. One of the worst things for me is how I don't want to be alone and yet I don't feel worth it enough to ask someone to stay with me. It's a battle every day.
But at least I can fight this battle from under the covers.

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